Tiger Eye, Moss Agate & Jade Bracelet

Stretch bracelet featuring Moss Agate, Tigers Eye, and Green Jade. Handmade with 8mm crystal gemstone beads.

Moss Agate


  • Said to be a Stone of New Beginnings
  • Help foster optimism and our connection to nature
  • Stabilising and grounding stone
  • Said to help improve self-esteem
  • Promotes self expression
  • A highly optimistic stone
  • Associated with balancing emotions and reducing stress
  • Linked with the Heart Chakra


Tigers Eye


  • Stone of Courage and Motivation
  • Said to help release fear and anxiety
  • Harmony
  • Balance
  • Help with discernment and understanding
  • Said to be useful for self-protection
  • Focus the mind and for intuition
  • Grounding
  • Optimistic and Stablising Energy
  • Help to stimulate rise of Kundalini energy
  • Linked with Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra


Green Jade


  • Stone of peace and serenity
  • Encourages creativity 
  • Considered a powerful healing stone
  • An amulet of good luck and friendship
  • Tranquility and dispelling the negative
  • Encourages us to see ourselves as we really are
  • Helps to relinquish self-imposed limitations
  • Promotes a more relaxed state of being
  • Linked with Heart Chakra

    Crystal properties and meanings shown are based on metaphysical beliefs, and shouldn't be used as a substitute for medical care.

    As crystals and gemstones are natural stones, they have natural inclusions and marks to them. This makes each one unique in their own special way, so every piece of jewellery will be slightly different depending on the natural form of the crystals. Each piece is delicately hand-crafted with love and intention and carefully inspected before sending.

Tiger Eye, Moss Agate & Jade Bracelet

  • Gemstone: Moss Agate, Tigers Eye, Green Jade
    Bead Size: 8mm
    Brass Logo Bead

  • Sizing: 

    Extra small - 14cm
    Small - 15cm
    Medium - 17cm
    Large - 19cm
    Extra large - 20cm

    Please check measurements provided above to ensure a comfortable fit. 

    If you require something outside those measurements please contact us so we can discuss a piece tailored to your needs.