Cleanse Crystal Candle

Refresh and relax with with the Cleanse Crystal Candle! Made with a luxurious blend of pure natural Beeswax and Rapeseed-Coconut Wax, scented with Jasmine and Ruby fragrance oil, and infused with genuine Clear Quartz gemstone chips and a Quartz tumblestone. Take out the crystal, light up the rustic wooden wick, and take a few moments to ground yourself, meditate and relax each day! These beautiful candles are a wonderful way to fragrance your home and make a perfect gift. 

Jasmine & Ruby
A floral chypre with notes of neroli, lemon, pineapple and peach leading to a floral heart of jasmine and muguet, ylang and rose on a heart of patchouli and sandal.


    Each of our Candles are hand-poured in the U.K. As Crystal Gemstones are natural stones they differ in size and shape, and have natural inclusions and marks to them. This makes each one unique in their own special way!

    Crystal properties and meanings shown are based on metaphysical beliefs, and shouldn't be used as a substitute for medical care.

    Cleanse Crystal Candle

    • Wax Blend: Pure Beeswax & Natural Rapeseed-Coconut Wax
      Fragrance Oil: Jasmine & Ruby
      Crystal: Clear Quartz

      Burn time - 30 Hours
      20cl Candle